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Welcome to our Homepage FASHION IN DUBAI…

For years, fashion has been a part of our lifestyle. People tend to follow the latest fashion trends in order to mingle with society. Different styles represent different kinds of people and groups.

But keeping up with the latest trends is expensive! How often do you wear those 3-inch heels or carry that designer bag? Forget stockpiling your fashion in the closet after using them just 3 times! The “Fashion in Dubai” app powered byMelltoo, gives you a fun and easy way to sell your stuff and get some ca$h back to buy other thing.

1. Post an ad easily and quickly. Snap a pic, add a description, and sell!
2. Chat privately.
3. Search by keyboard, for bags, shoes, brands…etc

For more about the latest fashion trends in Dubai, check out our blog!


You will love …

1. Built-in chat messenger that lets you have a real time conversation with a buyer or a seller while you negotiate and discuss business. Who needs emails and unwanted phone calls?

2. Geo-localization accurately pinpoints where a Seller and an Item is located on the map, as well as their distance from your current location.

“Fashion in Dubai” is an app for people to buy and sell used-everything related to fashion stuff.  It is easy to use and makes shopping enjoyable and fun.

“Fashion in Dubai” is powered by Melltoo , the social network for buyers and sellers.