Fashion Intro

Preloved Dubai: New Melltoo Fashion Blog

Dear Mellsters,

Welcome ladies! The Melltoo team is so excited to introduce our new preloved Dubai fashion blog, which will cater to our Preloved Fashion app. In addition to this blog, Melltoo has also created 5 new blogs for its selling apps that you should check out ASAP! The topics of these blogs include  Used Cars, Used Mobiles, Kids’ stuff, the Home and Rentals in the UAE!

Through our fashion blog, we hope to help you re-define the way you think about second hand clothes. We hope to re-invent your wardrobe with fun DIY projects and creative thinking. But more importantly, we hope to shine the spotlight on the diversity and the beauty of the fashion world, especially that of Muslim fashion world.

We are creating three new Rs for preloved clothes: re-imagine, re-design and re-wear. Follow our fashion blog so you can learn more about our exciting new perspective on preloved fashion in the UAE!


Melltoo Fashion Blog Team