Fashion in Dubai: Emirati Designer Hind Al Marri

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1) How did the Hind Al Marri fashion label come about?

Fabric shopping and designing my own dresses has always been one of my favourite things to do. I have been designing my own dresses since the age of 18, and now I’m designing dresses for all the fabulous 11075257_10153073567511839_1254034670_nladies out there! Finally at the age of 21, I got all the support that I needed to build my own name and label and I have to say that all the work and effort is totally worth it!

2) Describe the style and aesthetic of your namesake label.

Effortlessly chic dresses are my all time favorite thing! I admire ladies in effortlessly chic dresses, a fabulous bag and a pair of heels! When I decide to design something, I always think about what I would wear and what my style is and then I create dresses based that. Even when it comes to buying materials, I never buy cheap quality materials that I wouldn’t wear. I always pick good quality materials that are nice and that I can see myself wearing. Ultimately, I believe that the quality of a material matters more than anything, because my brand represents me as an Emirati lady.

3) Tell us about your latest collection?

My latest collection was all about lace. I chose my favourite colours, which are black, white, beige and red to be the 4 main colours of the collection. At the moment, I’m working on simple everyday dresses, before I start working on my upcoming Ramadan collection.

4)What do you think of the budding local fashion industry?11079688_10153073582411839_1534356052_n

I think it’s a great industry! In Dubai, anyone who has a dream can and must achieve it. I believe there is nothing that is impossible to make or achieve here. Having said that, every person needs set their goals and bench marks in order to achieve those goals. The most important question for an aspiring designer to ask themselves is: where do I see myself in a couple of years? Once you can answer that question, you should start working towards your goal of building a career in fashion in Dubai.

5)What are your thoughts on pre-loved fashion?

I believe that everything can be used again, depending on how clean it is and its quality after being used. We buy lots of bags that have only been carried for a short time period and thrown into the cabinet. Some of these bags are never carried around again, which is a shame. Buying second hand allows fashion to constantly enjoy the spotlight that it deserves.

6)Advice to new upcoming designers?

If you’re planning to start your own label, I say that you should go for it and keep the following things in mind:11072450_10153073563706839_2022992246_n

  • Don’t let anything or anyone stand in your way!
  • Design and create things that you can see yourself wearing.
  • Don’t just design for the sake of getting income from a certain collection.
  • Remember that quality matters more than anything, because even if you have a nice design, bad materials won’t ‘make it work.’
  • Remember that anything you do or design speaks for you, so always focus on producing quality, because then people will always associate you with good, clean and amazing work.

Want to see more designs from Hind? Follow her Instagram account @BYHINDALMARRI_ and prepare to be amazed!


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Fashion in Dubai: Emirati Designer Hind Al Marri
Talented Emirati designer Hind Al Marri talks to our fashion blogger Reem Al Suwaidi about FMM, her unique pop culture brand, and the importance of visual communication in her designs.

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  • sharene23 commented on March 23, 2015

    This is incredibly inspiring to see that it doesn’t take much more than determination and talent to do something great in Dubai. Keep it up Hind!

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