Vintage Clothes Dubai: It’s Not Old it’s Vintage

Is that blouse that you’ve had in your closet for years now cool enough to be vintage or is it just plain old?

I mean it’s no secret that vintage items have been all the rage recently. The world havintage mannequins finally caught on to the fact that there is something much more desirable about a vintage purse for instance versus a brand new one. For many people, owning one of these pieces is almost like owning an antique piece of fashion history. Sometime during the last couple of years, the fashion world has grown an affinity for pre-owned, scratch that, pre-loved fashion. This has given used preloved fashion much more value or as I like to call it “the cool factor”.

That being said, there is a thin line between something that’s vintage and something just old. Vintage, by definition, is pre-owned. One of my favorite things about pre-loved shopping, is the fact that when you’re buying something you’re essentially buying a unique, one of a kind piece. In fact, when you’re buying second hand, you’re much more likely to find items that no one else has, and in some cases, aren’t even being produced anymore. It’s also really good for the environment!

Vintage fashion today, typically denotes something from the past of seemingly higher quality that can be found anywhere from charity and thrift shops to the high end brands in our malls. Nowadays, even high end brands are producing their own version of “new vintage,” which is basically new clothes made to look old and used. But if you’re looking for “old and used” clothes, why not just buy authentic items from a used clothing store? Makes sense right?

People in the fashion world say that a garment or accessory can only be called vintage if it’s at least 20 years or older. However, nowadays, age is neither the defining nor the most important factor. It’s really all about the fabric, style and design that makes an item interesting. Every item carries a bit of history, botVintage vogueh of the personal style of the person who owned it and the social, economic and cultural environment of the time it was worn. Many pieces of preloved clothing are also handmade, which adds yet more character charm to the garment.

The most important thing that every women needs to understand when she’s shopping for preloved items is the basic difference between vintage and old. Technically old is vintage, the only difference is the condition of the item. So, that worn out dress with the tear down the side that you would probably never want to be seen in public in probably doesn’t pass test.

If you like fashion that has character, a story to tell, then preloved shopping is for you. Happy preloved shopping to all you UAE Fashionistas out there!

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Vintage Clothes Dubai: It’s Not Old it's Vintage
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