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Fashion in Dubai: Emirati Designer Fatma AlMulla

Over the past couple of years, Instagram has become a popular hub for talented designers looking to make a name for themselves in the UAE fashion world. But it’s not easy! That’s why Melltoo wants to help up and coming Instagram sellers/designers by giving them a place to shine: our blog and app! When Instapreneurs  sign up for an m-boutique on Melltoo they can focus on what they love do most (design) and we’ll hand the rest (promotion, payment and delivery)! Are you an instapreneur? Download the Melltoo app today and enjoy a hassle-free selling experience! In the mean time, learn about the creative UAE-based brand FMM by Fatma Al Mulla!

1) Describe your label.


FMM is a pop culture brand created by Fatma AlMulla and its target audience is women between the ages of 15 to 35. The FMM pop culture label is all about experimentation and standing out. When you buy an FMM product, you don’t just buy a product, you buy a piece of culture.

2) What was has been the response to your use of cultural slogans and symbols in your fashion line?

Thankfully, I’ve had very positive reactions from people. I think that my target audience feels that they can relate to my pieces and because of that they have become loyal customers.

3)How does visual communication design come into play in the FMM brand?

I believe that visual communication comes into play with everything we do. Having the ability to communicate visually is essential in any business, because it allows you to tell your brand story, create a unique brand experience and express the relevance of your designs. Thankfully, my bachelora degree is in visual communication and that is why I have been able to come so far in my business~ elhamdellah.

3) When did you start creating illustrations? 

I started drawing at a very young age actually. In fact, I still have a drawing that I did at the age of 6, back in 1996, and I remember that it took me so much time to do. At the time, my father really appreciated the hard work and effort that I put into it, so he decided to frame it. So, to answer your question, the earliest that I can remember myself drawing is 6. Ever since then, I’ve always loved to draw and paint. That being said, I didn’t actually start illustrating until my second year of university, where I was officially introduced to Adobe Illustrator.

Candy bag from FMM

4) One of my favorite creations from the FMM brand was your Candy bag line. What was the inspiration behind this particular line?

The Celine (French ready-to-wear and leather goods luxury brand) bags were the inspiration for my candy bags. I wanted my bags to be interactive so that girls could come and add any ‘flavor’ they wanted to them. With this desire in mind, I created the badges and candy bags, which are minimalistic, easy and colorful, so girls could mix and match and make them their own.

5) Are you thinking of expanding your label?

Of course Insh’Allah! It is what any fashion designer would want to.

5) Where do you see FMM in the future?

I see the FMM brand as being one of the leading brands in the world~ insh’Allah.

Want to see more designs from FMM and fashion in Dubai? Follow her Instagram account @FMMbyFatmaAlMulla and prepare to be amazed!

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Fashion in Dubai: Emirati Designer Fatma AlMulla
Talented Emirati Instagram designer Fatma AlMulla talks to our fashion blogger Reem Al Suwaidi about her fashion line and what inspires her to design.