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7 Tips for Buying a Preloved Wedding Dress in Dubai

You said YES! Congratulations. Now starts the search for THE ONE, and by ‘The One’ we mean your drBCME_Badge_Logo_White_WEBeam wedding gown, but wait, you are on a strict budget and in Dubai, the words ‘budget’ and ‘wedding dress’ don’t usually go hand in hand. But fear not, there is actually a good number of brides who are happily looking to sell their wedding gowns on for another to enjoy on her big day, saving you a small fortune in the process.

That being said, if you’re busy and you don’t have time to meet prospective buyers, you can use Melltoo’s new Pay&Ship Secure service, which handles the payment and delivery process on your behalf! Not only will you save time and money using this service, you will also make another Dubai bride very happy with your great bargain! Here, I offer some tips on what to consider when researching for and purchasing a ‘Pre-loved’ gown.


  • Proof (Images +Video): If possible, you (the buyer) needs to see personal pictures of the dress, including images of the owner wearing the dress and of the dress alone after the wedding. Ask for recent pictures and close up shots of the details. Where possible, ask to see the dress and owner over a scheduled skype call.
  • The Measurements: You and the seller might be using different measurement systems, for example, she may be working on US measurements and you may be using UK measurements. It’s important that the seller is as specific as possible when posting her advert. Take into consideration that the bride may have had the dress altered at some point, so ensure the measurements she gives you are ‘post’ alteration.
  • Authenticity: Make sure you trust the seller before you part with your hard earned dirhams – The last thing you want is to be duped by a fraudster. Ask for personal references if you feel the need to or email admin of site/app you found the gown on.
  •  Gown maintenance and care: How has the owner preserved and taken care of the gown after her wedding? Ask if the dress has been dry cleaned by a specialist, if the gown has been kept in a protective bag away from pets and smoke, etc. Ask the seller to confirm if any tailoring or snags have been fixed, post wedding.
  • Delivery and costs: Where is the seller based? Is the dress being shipped from abroad and are delivery costs included? Will the seller pay for the mailing fee if you want to return the dress? There are extra important things to consider when you’re buying a ‘pre-loved’ gown online.
  • Show the Receipt: If you do decide to go down the second hand route, do your due diligence. Ask to see the original dress receipt. This will ensure that the dress you are buying, is set at a fair price against its original value. A bride could have purchased a gown during a sale and may be quoting the original price in her advert, which is a little misleading.
  • Accessories: Many brides selling their gowns, also have accessories to match, such as a veil, sash, tiara and so forth. Ask the seller to be specific with what you’re getting. The seller may be charging extra for the accessories.

Good luck in finding your dream preloved wedding dresses in Dubai.

Rhiannon x



Rhiannon Downie-Hurst is a wedding Media Expert and Founder of UAE Wedding Inspiration website

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7 Tips for Buying a Preloved Wedding Dress in Dubai
Are you getting married? Are you planning a wedding on a budget? Follow these great tips from Rhiannon Downie-Hurst, a wedding media expert and founder of Bride Club Me, a UAE wedding inspiration website, on how to buy a preloved wedding dress in Dubai!


  • Debra Smith commented on April 21, 2015

    I would love to have a wedding dress like this iam getting married on may 9 2015 I don’t like the plan dress that I have I am not looking forward for this say to come if I have to were the plane dress I got I have no shoes to go with it , no bride’s. maids dresses to go with it

    • Soukaina Rachidi commented on May 3, 2015

      Hello Debbie! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! if you are still in the market for a wedding dress there are some lovely selections on the Melltoo app (you can download it on these links or There are also some swanky accessories and footwear there so you might find all the stuff you need in one place :) Let me know how it goes!

  • custom writing commented on July 7, 2015

    The picture of this weddind dress is proffessionally made, I think that is great and noone will have the same. It helps the brider to be nice.

    • Soukaina Rachidi commented on July 15, 2015

      Thank you for your lovely comment! What do you think about buying second hand dresses?

  • commented on October 9, 2015

    Great post. Thanks for sharing. this post.

    • Soukaina Rachidi commented on October 12, 2015

      Thank you for reading it! We’re so happy you enjoyed it :)

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