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Abaya Designers in UAE: Emirati Designer Sara Al Madani

Sara Al Madani Pose The fashion industry has been booming ever since the beginning of time. Be it Chanel, Gucci, Prada or even Louis Vuitton, these brands have all left a great impact on the world of fashion. Their latest collections are worn by fashion enthusiasts all over the world and Emirati fashion labels are quickly catching up to them!

In the Middle East, where abayas and jalabyas are widely worn, Emirati fashion designers are making big names for themselves in the world of Islamic fashion, especially on Instagram. Sara Al Madani, founder of Rouge Couture, is considered to be THE ‘Abaya Engineer,’ as she was the first to introduce the idea of adding a modern twist to traditional abaya designs.

The recent rise of influential Instagram figures and entrepreneurs, like Al Madani, has completely disrupted the local fashion industry and created a need for new platforms and services to support this budding industry. To meet this demand, Melltoo, a Dubai-based social selling app, recently launched a new service called Melltoo Pay&Ship Secure, which helps UAE-based designers and artisans promote their brands. In addition to that, Melltoo’s comprehensive #HelpMeSell service also helps designers manage their sales by handling the payment and delivery logistics on their behalf. The introduction of new selling platforms like Melltoo is sure to increase the e-visibility of talent, like Al Madani, regionally and globally!

Located in Sharjah, the Rouge Couture brand is quite unique in many ways. Starting off with its abaya sizes! All abayas designed by Rouge Couture come in free size and they are all different, so customers are never bored. New abaya designs are introduced on a weekly basis and new collections are released every month. Rouge Couture’s modern collection frequently comes with a touch of traditional design, making it unique to customers who want the best of both worlds.

Each of Rouge Couture’s abayas and jalabyas are given special names that fit their design, thus making the whole shopping experience even more fun and creative! Don’t worry if you can’t make up Rouge Couture mug shot poseyour mind about what you want to buy while you’re shopping at Rouge Couture, because they offer customers free fashion consultations to help them identify their design preferences.

Yet another great feature of Rouge Couture is their quality customer service. Sara Al Madani says that Rouge Couture always takes its customers’ requests to heart, by making sure that all designs are altered to suit their needs.

Even if you’re not confident about the abaya you’re trying on at the Rouge Couture shop, you don’t have to worry, because they alter all free size abayas according to your body shape, to ensure a better fit.

And the best part is, that the Rouge Couture goodness doesn’t end there! This unique brand also offers great bridal packages, gift vouchers and abaya and jalabya customization for its customers! Amazing right?

If you’re looking for unique abaya designers in UAE, then Sara Al Madani’s Rouge Couture shop is the place for you! Check out their website here


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Abaya Designers in UAE: Emirati Designer Sara Al Madani
Are you looking for unique abaya designers in UAE? Look no further! Emirati abaya and jalabya designer Sara Al Madani, founder of Rouge Couture, is changing the world of Muslim fashion by mixing traditional abaya designs by adding an edgy, modern twist.