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Hijab Fashion Dubai: Rock your Hijab at Every Occasion

In Dubai, it’s always the festive season, so fashionistas are always looking for the next best look. But, for those of you who wear the hijab, you know how easy it is to use the same hijab and the same hijab style over and over again! However, if you’re like most women, you probably also have no room for a new look, because your closet is full of clothes you don’t wear. If you’re tired of wearing the same hijab the same way and you want to mix it up a bit, you should post some of your preloved fashion on Melltoo, so you can make some extra money and buy yourself some new looks! In the meantime, here are a couple of simple ways that you can liven up your hijabs for different occasions.

Formal hijab

Hijab Style A

Formal Hijab Style

When wearing a hijab with formal attire, you always want to make the material, color and pattern of your hijab compliment the outfit you’re wearing. Not only does Style A cover the essentials, it also adds a colorful and fresh look to the entire outfit.

Tip: If the outfit you’re wearing is a plain or a solid color, liven it up by wearing a multicolored scarf or hijab, so your whole look is brighter and more colorful.

Still stuck? Take a look at these formal hijab tutorials on Youtube!

 Video 1      Video 2      Video 3



Casual hijab

Hijab Style B

Casual Hijab Style

Luckily for all you Muslim fashionistas our there, casual clothes go well with many hijab styles! Whether you’re going shopping, out to lunch with a colleague or a leisurely walk on the Marina, Style B is very comfortable and easy to do.

Tip: If you want to reduce the time spent on ironing your hijabs before you go out, make sure your buy ones with materials that don’t wrinkle easily. If you’re running late for a chore, these wrinkle-free hijabs will be easy to put on and fashion, so you can be out in no time!

Still stuck? Take a look at these casual hijab tutorials on Youtube!

Video 1      Video 2      Video 3



Dual hijab

Dual Hijab Style

All Occasion Hijab Style

This particular hijab style can be used with formal and casual attire! All you need is two different colored hijabs- preferably ones that match your outfit. And voila, you have a simple yet chic look for any occasion.

Tip: If you’re going for a zigzag hijab look, make sure to buy two hijabs that are the same material and length, so you don’t have to worry about your look being uneven or sloppy.

Still stuck? Take a look at these dual hijab tutorials on Youtube!

Video 1      Video 2      Video 3



What comes to your mind when we say “Hijab Fashion Dubai?” Do you have a unique style? Do you know of any cool hijab shops in Dubai? Share them in the comments below!

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Hijab Fashion Dubai: Rock your Hijab at Every Occasion
In Dubai, it's always the festive season, but sometimes it's easy for Muslim fashionistas to get stuck wearing the same style hijab over and over again. Follow these tips and learn how you can look fabulous with the hijab for every occasion!