Summer Dress Code in Dubai: How to Stay Cool and Stylish

What Kind of Clothes to Wear

If you’re shopping for summer clothes in the UAE, make sure to buy many loose-fitting Long dressand flowy tops, pants,

dresses and skirts, because they allow air to circulate close to your body. In addition to keeping you cool, loose clothes also allow your body to remain dry, which reduces the chances of skin rashes and irritations, which are caused by perspiration. If you can get the summer dress code in Dubai right, not only will you feel good and you’ll also look great!

UAE Summer Fashion Tip: 

Just because it 45 degrees outside, it doesn’t mean it’s 45 degrees inside! Most malls and supermarkets are very well air conditioned, which means that they can be unusually cold. If you are wearing a light material or a sleeveless/short outfit, make sure to carry a cardigan with you, so you can put it on when you go into that arctic cinema.

Where to Buy your Clothes

The obvious answer to this question would be the mall, but for fashionistas who are looking for an eco-friendly and/or budget-friendly option, a shopping trip to Dubai Mall may not be the best choice! Lucky for you, at this time of year, women all across Dubai, and the UAE, are emptying their closets to make space for new looks. If you’re looking for clothes with a fun story at a great price, preloved fashion might just be the thing for you. Check out Melltoo’s awesome selection of preloved fashion, pay for it in-app and get it delivered straight to your front door. It doesn’t get any easier than that! Get yourself some classy “new” summer looks without even breaking a sweat!

Fabric Dos and Don’ts

Linen (Do)

While linen does have the tendency to wrinkle and crease, it is the ideal summer fabric because it is light, breathable and comfortable. In addition to having an interesting texture, linen also dries quickly when damp, making it the perfect material for Dubai’s humid summers.long_white_cotton_dresses_for_women

Cotton (Do)

Cotton is also an excellent material for UAE summers, because it allows air to circulate freely and heat to dissipate, thus allowing you feel cool and fresh. However, cotton absorbs moisture well, which means that your clothes can stay damp for long periods of time. Luckily, cotton clothes are easy to machine wash and dry, which is ideal for the UAE’s hot weather.

Polyester/Polyester Blend (Don’t)

Even though polyester is durable and it can resist chemicals, abrasions and stretching, it is a water-repellant, which means that it allows perspiration to build in your clothes. Not a trait you want in clothes that you have to wear in 40+ degree weather.

Silk (Don’t)

Not only does silk repel water, it also has a tendency to retain body odor, so avoid wearing it as much as possible! Perspiration also makes silk pucker and ripple, which causes the texture of the material to become rougher. So, put your silk tops away until November or December when the weather is cooler in Dubai.

Trending Colors for Summer 2015
summer colors

Avoid wearing dark colors during the summer in Dubai, because they tend to absorb more heat, thus causing you to sweat unnecessarily. When you’re buying summer outfits, make sure to stick with clothes that are white or pastel colors. The most trendy colors of summer 2015 include white, green, pink, red blue and yellow! (Don’t know what colors to pick? Take a look at the picture to the right to get some inspiration for your new summer outfits!





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Summer Dress Code in Dubai: How to Stay Cool and Stylish
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